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My P.O.P.A.I.  international POSM’s contest in Paris, 3rd price and bronze statue project developed for Draft FCB JTI’c Camel brand:

“In the communication of the Global Consumer Promotion for Camel we developed a dynamic interactive POSM consisting of a cassete, integrated in a permanent fixure within an international Key Account network. Since the promotional campaign had discovering new experiences by traveling and inspiring creativity as core ideas, we suggested, by this POSM, a photographer taking pictures to the visitors.

The main objective of the Camel Casette was to create visibility and awareness for the Camel promotional campaign, drawing the consumers attention and creating a surprising experience. Through the interactive approach we intended to facilitate the access for the consumers to the core campaign ideas –  win a  trip along with 5 friends to Buenos Aires and discover new experiences.” Draft FCB.

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