• KV Corset Glitter Alchemy with girl LANDSCAPE
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  • KV_Corset_Glitter_Alchemy_Blue_pack_France_VERTICAL_A5
  • KV_Corset_Christmas_Blue_pack_France_HORIZONTAL_ A4
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  • Corset Glitter Blue pack wobler
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  • dispenser Corset Alchemy V3 with explanations
  • dispenser Corset Alchemy V2 with explanations

For Corset image enhancement strategy for the local market in Bulgaria and also for the brand launch campaign in western Europe I have developed a new image fit for a luxury brand. At this level, the brand enhancement is constructed solely to the level of it’s visual communication materials such as KV’s, in store materials and consumer engajement and promotional give away’s, later on being fallowed by a pack redesign, a logo enhancement and more uniform and harmonious communication on all medias.    This was the first step in the reshaping of Corset brand architecture to fit both an already developed western market as well as a growing and very competitive local environment.

The entire campaign has been developed under the umbrella of the Sparkling design strategy, translated into the ”Glitter” mood. Out of 3 creative directions the one that was first developed for the both markets was the Alchemy concept. This is the one presented further:

Corset glitter creative directions – first direction

Corset glitter creative directions – second direction

Corset glitter creative directions – third direction