Hi, I am Elena,
art director,  illustrator,  designer and artist.

In few words, I am….me. And just like you I am unique thanks to my personality, all the experiences I have collected in my lifetime, thanks to my family, friends, social background and education.
I love chocolate, probably you do too, I have a fancy for old movies and I have a passion for traveling (the nicest places I have seen up until now was Tokyo and Venice, but the place I felt as part of my skin was Cairo, though Moscow left me quite speechless).

I am happy to receive your visit here “on my domain”. But before starting the visit, you must know that all projects are protected by local, EU and international copywright laws, they all belong to my employers and some of them belong to my design studio and a majority of them, especially the logos and the guideline books are registered with OSIM, both locally and internationally. While you can get inspired, and see how I solved some design or art direction briefs, my advice would be for you not to copy anything.

Also, in order to check if this webpage has a meaning and a purpose, I use a Google Analytics investigating plug in, which I believe it is known as cookie.

These being said, I wish you a pleasant experience.