What am I…

an international creative, with +10 years of experience.

I am an art director, also a UI designer and sometimes an illustrator. I also craft things…

What can I do:

Specialized in integrated communication I worked for a large range of companies, for their events, internal/external communication, branding/rebranding or retail campaigns, HoReCa consumer engagement programs and various promotions, packaging, object design, POSM’s, web and UI design, adding to their communication strategy, my solutions, ideas, concepts and design style, adapting them all for various communication channels.

I covered B2B, B2C or TTL projects for Retail, FMCG, Services providers, Industrial companies, Health/well-being brands, Baby products, Estate developers, Cosmetics, Fast food, for clients such as:
Transelectrica, the national electricity transporter Romania
Agrana (sugar producer)
Happy Meal McDonald’s
Hercesa Vivenda
British American Tobacco – Vogue, Pall Mall, ETR (airports communication)
PHILIPS Avent (occasionally)
Chipita – 7DAYS
Silan (occasionally)
JTI – Sobranie, Camel, Glamour and all internal communication projects
Cappy Tempo (occasionally)
Cosmote (occasionally)
Milka retail
KRAFT retail
KTI – Corset, Merilyn, Gracia
PMI – Next and Bond street
Volvo cars Safe Drive
Dewar’s Blended Scotch Whisky – Bacardi Limited
Kia Cee’d
Hariga advertising – Sanador and Nivea
Men in black – Coca Cola and Zentiva
Kreivo Studio – Spacer, Mad Mag Store, KTI Bulgaria, Nutribon, Maisonette, Cheo Clinik, Different Vision, Corporate baskets, Enjoy Life and many more

I won each year new clients and also participated in various competitions.

Specialties: integrated art direction, POSM design, interactive media, packaging, branding, illustration, photography-middle level.


Current job:  Owner and creative mind for my design studio – ”Kreivo”

Growing my first creative business starting with 2013, in order to answer the market’s flexibility demands, covering a various range of projects and clients in both advertising and UI fields – gaming industry, UI industry, FMCG, Medical field/dental, Advertising agencies, Corporate gifts industry, IT, cosmetics, luxury brands and services, and so on.
Traveling worldwide to answer the client’s design needs, I have developed brands names, positioning and image campaigns, packaging projects, logos, games or apps, website graphic, social media – FB or developer page, and covered all their internal or external brand literature. And I developed all my projects from the draft to the final stage, presenting to the client and to the producing team, every step, advising and giving solutions for all creative phases.

Consultant art director for KTI Bulgaria (May 2013 – to present)

For my personal Bulgarian client I have developed an entire range of visual communication materials, campaigns and concepts, starting with KV’s, brand architecture literature (such as logo, packaging or POSM’s) and ending with consumer engagement programs and product presentation reels.
KTI is a FMCG type of client and it’s main communication interests were concentrated on western Europe, launching their upper main stream luxury brands on a new market, in Germany, Spain, Sweden, France and Italy. We have covered together also some rebranding and visual repositioning campaigns for their local market, enhancing or changing entirely the face of the brands they intended to relaunch internally.

In paralel, last year starting in February, I decided to expand my skills and learn something new, so I had a freelance project in interactions design for Auto industry UI Applications with Nordiska Interaktionsbyran SE. I developed wire-frames for applications layouts, I learned how to prepare a layout for developers, how to export png’s, I learned to respect a pixel at it’s real importance and I also had the chance to play, creating cluster instruments new board layout for Volvo car.

1. YOUNG AND RUBICAM MOSCOW,  January  2012 – December 2012


Art director for various brands among which – PMI brand Next. Art direction and designing expertise  for the brand communication needs: brand’s communication campaigns, development of Key visuals concept,  design and literature. Participating for the agency in open briefs and winning projects or clients. Getting involved independently in various projects for different agencies (BBDO Proximity).
Guiding and working alongside a team of designers or freelancers, for the best results of the end materials.

2. DRAFT FCB BUCHAREST,  June 1st 2010 – December 25th 2011


Art direction for JTI’ top brand Sobranie – for the brand’s Romanian Launch campaign and local communication campaigns. Art direction and design for Kraft. Art direction for new business pitches. I covered all needed communication materials, for all B2B or B2C events and communication campaigns. Guiding freelancers and 3D designers, illustrators and DTP for best results in delivering final materials.

3.  OGILVY ACTION BUCHAREST,  May 1st 2008 – May 31st 2010


Art direction for visual aspects of printed projects for allocated client BAT.  Art direction for new business projects. Providing new packaging, print, events, website and conceptual insights and layouts, as well as adapting and regulate brand book/toolkits items to the local market needs. Developing corporate identities for events, enhancing, completing or innovating readymade toolkits.

4.  DDB OLYMPIC BUCHAREST,  January 2008 – May 1st 2008


Delivered design and art direction ideas for allocated client McDonald’s, Chipita 7days, Silan, Schauma and so on. Create and decline creative concepts in line with client and product communication strategy adapt international campaign insights to local markets along with adding and editing materials, create pitch concepts and layouts. Web design occasionally.

5.  ARS ADVERTISING BUCHAREST,  March 5th 2006 – January  2008


Creating Corporate & Brand IDs, promote products and services through specialized trade shows and special events, sales promotion, market positioning and consumer-informing campaigns.
Develop various materials for events, internal communication and CRM programs, create new visual identity manuals, packaging design for products, concepts for product placement materials and internal communication materials…and so on.

6.  INTERBRAND BUCHAREST,  February 1st 2004 – March 1st 2006


Preparing materials for print, manufacturing mockups for client presentations.
Creation for new business pitches especially corporate image materials (company logo and visual identity), various presentation materials and merchandise graphic design. Branding.
Web design occasionally.

7.  April 5th 1997 – April 1st 2003


Designing artwork for monthly circulars, newspaper ads, newsletters, billboards, store displays and other miscellaneous projects.
Books illustrations.
Art direction for health magazines.
Image editing.

What I learned and where:

1. October 2004 to May 2006
Master degree – “Master in publicity and advertising” at SNSPA Bucharest (National School of Administrative and Political studies) – Communication University

2.  October 2001 to August 2002
Scholarship in Pre-dynastic  Art history at  Cairo Art and Archeology Institute – Cairo University  جامعة القاهرة

3.  1998 to 2003
License diploma of Art in Graphic Design at Bucharest Art University “Nicolae Grigorescu” – Department of graphic design

4.  1992 to 1996
General Certificate of Education – Bachelor Diploma in graphic design at Bucharest “Nicolae Tonitza”  Art College/ High-school

5.  18th 2004
English – Cambridge ESOL examination – level 1 certificate at University of Cambridge – Bucharest Examination Subsidiary

6.   December 10th 2005
English – IELTS academic examination – academic certificate at University of Cambridge Bucharest Examination Subsidiary

7.  General school, High school, University curricula – French study

What I know:
I am proficient in Adobe Creative suite  and Adobe creative cloud – Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Acrobat Professional;
I also use Microsoft Office – Word and Power Point presentation software’s and Sketch.

Digital drawing platforms (especially Wacom’s).
I had the occasion to use Corel Graphic Suite (X1, X2) for about 4 years, and QuarkXpress for 2 years in the beginning of my career.

What I won (alone or with my team):

BBDO Moscow – won – “Kia CEE’D Russian launch project”.

BBDO Moscow – won  “William Lawson’s Russian 2012 limited edition Football Championship bottle”.

DRAFT FCB Bucharest –  won the “internal communication” project from JTI.

DRAFT FCB Bucharest –  won the third JTI brand – Glamour.

DRAFT FCB Bucharest –  won  “Kraft – I love Milka” In store communication projects for 2011 and 2012.

DRAFT FCB Bucharest – won in Paris at P.O.P.A.I. Competition the 3rd place and a  bronze statue with a Camel POSM project.


Ogilvy Action Bucharest – won GTR in store communication projects for all European airports  for 2010 and 2011.

2010 Ogilvy – submitted the WWF “Bear T-shirt” Social responsibility project (created with my copywriter at that time, Denisa Pielescu) for the Golden Drum competition: http://www.goldendrum.com/competition/showcase/entries-2010/?ID=27205

Ars Advertising – won the National Electricity transporter of Romania (Transelectrica) pitch for: Transelectrica National Rebranding project, Annual reports and internal communication for 2006 and 2007, Events and expositions for 2007.

Want to read some more, go for:  detailed details

Want to see more, visit also my work archive here:  http://www.coroflot.com/elena_ivanescu

Ogilvy recommendation letter

Ogilvy recommendation letter

Draft FCB recommendation letter

Draft FCB recommendation letter

E Ivanescu Draft 2

Draft FCB recommendation letter

Е.Ivanescu KTI